File Manager 22.2 Release Notes

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3. Bug Fixes

3.1. Computed Expressions: Multiple Contains with Word-processing Fields

The computed expression (WP1["GREEN")!(WP2["GREEN") is now correctly handled (where WP1 and WP2 are names of Word-processing fields).

3.2. Lookup: Input Value Longer Than 30 Characters

Lookups with input values longer than 30 characters now work correctly.

3.3. Cross-reference a Field or File: Duplicate Index Names

Duplicate index names are no longer allowed.

3.4. Uppercasing

Fileman uppercasing code in DILIBF is now User Langauge aware. Previously it worked only for English only.

3.5. Captioned Fields in Screenman when language isn't English

Fileman didn't allow you to create a Caption Only field in Screenman Editor when the User Language isn't English. This has been fixed.

3.6 DIFROM Maximum Routine Size

DIFROM didn't use ^DD(“ROU”) to determine the maximum routine size, but rather had it hard coded to 9999.

3.7 DIFROM Routine size calculation

DIFROM didn't correctly count the size of routines it created making routines larger than the maximum size.

3.8 Browser display routines didn't work on Caché

DR^DDBRU didn't work on Caché due to the way %RSEL works on Caché.

3.9 Maximum routine size did not get set with the first installation of Fileman

The node ^DD(“ROU”) does not get initialized when installing Fileman for the first time.

3.10 Browser now works without Kernel

The Fileman Browser now works without the device file and can be invoked from Fileman directly.

3.11 Replace/With Maximum Length

The replace prompt only supported input up to 245 characters long. Now it supports any length up to ^DD(“STRING_LIMIT”)

3.12 Reverse collation on Complex New Style Indexes when doing partial matches

Previously, a compound new style index configured to sort in reverse order still sorted in forward order upon partial matches even when it sorted in reverse when listing entries using “??”. Now, it will correctly sort in reverse order when displaying partial matches.

3.13 U flag on ^DIC and Q flag on LIST^DIC and FIND^DIC and partial numeric matches on pointer values

Previously, using the U flag on ^DIC and the Q flag on DBS DIC calls caused numeric matches on pointer fields to be partially matched a la text matches. Now, partial numeric matches are not allowed in these circumstances.