File Manager 22.2 Release Notes

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2. Other Enhancements

2.3. Data Dictionary Changes

2.3.1. Auditable Word Processing Fields

Fileman security has been improved by allowing word-processing fields to be audited.

2.3.2. Word Processing Fields Can be Made Uneditable

Reference files and clinically significant text can now be protected from subsequent change.

2.3.3. Set Explicit Maximum Length for Free-text Fields

Maximum Field Length is now an independent field attribute, not just a side-effect of the code contained in the field’s Input Transform.

2.3.4. Override of Character Limit in Globals

^DD(“STRING_LIMIT”), if set, overrides the standard 255-character limit throughout File Manager.

2.3.5. Set Cross-references as Non-re-runnable

Cross-references can be defined so that they are never refired after their initial execution (Remedy ticket #447336).