File Manager 22.2 Release Notes

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2. Other Enhancements

2.1. User Interface Changes

2.1.1. Select Prompt: Extended Selection by IEN

Lookup enhancement: if the .01 field of the file being selected from is a pointer to another file, you can use a double accent grave (``) to pick a pointed-to entry by its IEN.

2.1.2. Allow Terminal Emulators Deeper Than 24 Lines

Fileman now supports longer screens.

2.1.3. Printing Multiples in Sorted Order

Until now, when printing sorted records, any subentries within those records were displayed unsorted, in order by internal entry number. A new B print specifier will ensure that subentries are displayed in order.

2.1.4. Enhanced Control of Input Templates

Within input templates, subfiles can now be edited in more than one place within the template, so that different subfields can be edited each time.

2.1.5 Fileman Browser Enhancements

Fileman will be optimistic and assume the terminal emulator supports the browser, rather than consult the Kernel.

You can now quit the browser using CTRL-E.

You can now print the text being browsed using F1-F1-P.