File Manager 22.2 Release Notes

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1. Principal Enhancements

1.3. Data Analysis Tools

1.3.1. Check all Pointers into a Given File

A fourth Data Dictionary utility (“find pointers into a file”) checks all files with pointers into a given File. The utility gives 4 kinds of output (here using Patient file (2) as an example):

1   One particular PATIENT Entry
2   All PATIENT Entries
3   Non-existent PATIENT Entries
4   Entries from a PATIENT Search Template

1.3.2. Automatic Auditing

To improve version-control for data dictionaries, DD changes are always audited (in File .6). There is no need to turn on DD auditing file-by-file.

1.3.3. Showing Past Changes to Data Dictionary

The “Show Past Changes to DDs” auditing sub-option shows all DD changes since a certain date.

1.3.4. Showing Changes by a Specific User

“Monitor a User” is now the second auditing option. It shows every entry in an audited file touched by a given user in an audited file.

1.3.5. Modified Auditing Menu

The auditing menu has been modified to be better organized and more intuitive.

1.3.6. Entry Access Audit

The entry point ACCESSED^DIET will record access to a file entry in the audit file. Previously Fileman could only record audits for added, modified, or deleted fields. Now it can record access to a specific entry in a file.

1.3.7. The Meta Data Dictionary

Run ^DDD during Fileman install to create the new Meta Data Dictionary file (.9). The Meta Data Dictionary lists all fields in all files in a searchable format.

1.3.8. Improvements to the Verify Fields Utility

The Verify Field utility has had many improvements. It now looks for duplicates and dangling pointers in cross-references. It has been made interruptible. If a field has an Output Transform, it is now validated to make sure it produces valid input that would be accepted by the field’s Input Transform. It double-checks thirty-character-limit index values to make sure they are properly extracted and set. It displays the translated field label, if any. A bug was fixed to suppress the accidental echo of dates when verifying a date-type field.

1.3.9. Comparing Data and Data Dictionaries across Environments

A new Transfer menu option, Namespace Compare, lets you identify differences in data and DDs between different MUMPS environments, to help with version control.

1.3.10. New Verify Pointers Option

The Verify Fields option has been converted into a new Verify Data menu, which contains Verify Fields and a new Verify Pointers option. Verify Pointers will find and report dangling and badly defined pointers.